Windows Vista Dial Up Setup

Step 1: Selecting Connect-to
In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, right click the network icon and select Connect to a network.

Step 2: Connect to a network
Click Set up a connection or network.

Step 3: Choose a connection option

Click Set up a dial-up connection.

Step 4: Type the information from your Internet service provider (ISP)
In the "Telephone Number" text box, type in the East Lansing local number, which is: 999-2678 (999-2MSU). If you are dialing from out of the Lansing area, you must use the area code (1-517-999-2MSU). This will charge you for long distance service. If you are in the MSU residence halls or apartments (Spartan Village, Cherry Lane, etc.) you will need to add the number prefix you use for dialing outside lines (ie: 7,999-2678; note the use of the comma).
Type your MSU NetID followed by (usually this will be the same as your MSU E-mail address) in the User name box and your password in the password box. You may chose to Show characters to be certain you typed it correctly. Choose "Remember this password" if you do not wish to retype it in the future.
For "Connection name:" type MSU Dial-up (or any another name that is meaningful to you).
Click Connect

Step 5: Dial

Making sure that your computer's modem is connected to a working phone line, then click Dial to make a connection to the Internet. You may open your browser once you are connected to test your connection.

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