1. Turn your cellophane's visibility on ( consult user manual for details)
  2. Once blue tooth is turned on and visibility is on navigate to the control panel on Windows XP/Vista and launch the Blue tooth wizard.
  3. When prompted select "Use the passkey found in the documentation then just enter 00000
  4. Select Password
  5. Press NEXT
  6. If prompted by your cell phone accept any requests to connect, if prompted for password enter 00000.
  7. Once you have successfully connected windows will prompt you to install all the necessary drivers, If you received a CD with your cell phone insert that now before pressing next, otherwise press next and windows will install the appropriate driver automatically.(Vista and XP come with most standard drivers available for cell phones)
  8.  Install Drivers
  9. Once all of the drivers are successfully installed including the Modem, and serial port driver navigate to the control panel and launch "Phone and Modem Options"
  10. In the phone and modem options enter your areacode, select tone dialing, and select United States as your country. Leave all other fields empty
  11. Commit the above changes by pressing OK
  12. Now navigate back to the control panel and select Network Connections.
  13. From the Network Connections screen select the "New Connection wizard"
  14. Network Connection Wizard
  15. Select "Connect To the Internet" and press OK to proceed.
  16. When asked "How do you want to connect to the internet" select "Set up my connection manually" and press OK.
  17. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" and press NEXT
  18. Type SoCalFree.net into the ISP Name field and press NEXT
  19. Type your favorite SoCalFree.net access phone number into the "Phone number" field then press NEXT.
  20. Enter your socalfree.net username and password into the appropriate fields. Uncheck the "Make this the default internet connection" box if this is not the modem you would like set as the default modem on your computer. Then press NEXT.
  21. Check the add a short cut to my desktop and hit "Finish" and your all set to connect using your cell phone as a modem.
  22. When the Connect "SoCalFree.net" window is present hit the Dial button and the PC will attempt to dial into the SoCalFree ISP via Bluetooth. *NOTE: Your phone may request permission to do this just authorize this action on your cell phone if prompted.
  23. You should now successfully connect to the internet.