1. Ensure that your cell phone has Bluetooth turned on, and visibility is on. (Review manual for details and configuration of bluetooth on your cell phone)
  2. Install modem scripts if needed, many GSM phones require the installation of a script, these scripts can be found in the following location: Ross Barkman's Scripts Page Follow directions in http://www.taniwha.org.uk/files/GenericPhoneScripts2005-09.zip
  3. Once you have the Generic Modem Script installed in /Library/Modem Scripts/ navigate to System Preferences -> Bluetooth
  4. Select the Plus sign to launch the Bluetooth Wizard
  5. Once the Bluetooth wizard has launched Select Mobile Phone as device type
  6. Click Continue, when the cell phone appears in the Set Up assistant window select the device and hit continue.
  7. Enter the key displayed on your Mac into your device to allow connection
  8. Once it has gathered the information about your cell phone you should see an option to use your cell phone to connect to the internet. Check this box and hit Continue.
  9. Now you will need to select your Generic Phone Modem that you installed from the drop down menu select Other -> Generic Phone Modem, then enter your username, password, and preferred access phone number to SoCalFree.net.
  10. Now you can navigate to the top menu bar and click the small telephone icon and select Connect. This should attempt to dial out on the cellphone that you just setup.